Saturday, December 5, 2009


hmm could this be the death of
no sé.

Monday, November 9, 2009

i just had such a rich dream

so, sup.
okay after class today i was like "yo i need a nap" especially since i didn't get home from studio until 3:30. and this is what happened:

so my GSI (but i think they only call them that in know, a T.A.) for my studio class was taking us on a field trip to look at these dolphins. and we went into this one man's backyard, which was set up like a shamu legitimate. and then we entered this pool of water and out came these two dolphins. and they were so different. one was like furry and blue-grey and had a short nose and had the letter "C" carved into its side. and the other one was smaller and light grey and really rather forgettable. anyway, our class was talking and there was this one guy who's last name is "Wong," so i had always pronounced it as "wong." but everyone was giving me uneasy looks and i was like "heh?" and then finally this man who's family name is the subject was like "i'm sorry, please stop. my last name is not pronounced 'wong,' it's pronounced 'huh-win'" so i'm like 'ope. my bad' but he goes on to explain how it's highly offensive that i didn't know how to pronounce his last name because there are two different kind of Wongs in the world...those that pronounce it "wong"...and they the good ones. and the "huh-wins" who are like savage people who hop on clouds....

bottom line, get some sleep.
and consider this strange story my attempt to re-enter to blogosphere.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009


i be gone for so long! sorry, september was crazy...academically and otherwise. but just to remind you that i'm alive, here's a lil something something.

i recently started subscribing to a Word of the Day emailing list. which has been good because i remember zero of the words so far.
but perhaps i will remember today's word:
yes, titivate.

application time: let me titivate this weblog post by adding some photos of:

-this staged cliché photo of me on the cusp of inspiration

-this unstaged portrait of my beautiful cousin

outties. (hopefully not for long)

Monday, September 14, 2009

weird as f

lady gaga is a freaque.
weird things that occur in the above 4 minutes:
- lady gaga's back up dancer has a thong over his face. weird
- lady gaga hefts her left leg onto a piano. weird
- non-disabled girl in wheelchair is wheeled onstage, then off. weird
- lady gaga starts bleeding randomly. weird
- lady gaga sings really well. weird

vma's were crazy!
taylor swift, i believe in you. and i watched your music video. you're funny (but i think unintentionally) when you sing "i'm in the bleachers" and go all emo. holla!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

carbon copies

kevin gillespie vs. yukon cornelius

Thursday, September 3, 2009


do y'all remember enzyme dynamite?
yeah that was back in march two thousand and eight. 

dang son.
anyways, are you aware that enzyme dynamite is, yeah, actually a real person?
he has a banner on*

*true story: i checked sfgate dot com last night because there was a fat blackout in berkeley. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

i'm in apt. 304 trick!

were you aware that ABDC season IV started?
i kinda wasn't...
or i was but didn't watch. 
but...i did see this baby...and fell in love
starts at 1:12

dang that was good. 
SO i go onto itunes to look up LMFAO's Lalala...and what do i see?
so many versions of "I'm in _________ Trick"

cause i know on 94.9 they play "I'm in the Bay Trick"
but if i were in any of these other locales, i would be lucky enough to listen to:
"I'm in Corpus Trick"
"I'm in Grand Rapids Trick"
or my favorite
"I'm in Chattanooga Trick"
oh man. who knew there were such ballers in these locations.

Monday, August 24, 2009

high school musical kinda sorta

so was sad being m.i.a. from berkeley while everyone was coming in.
but instead, i was sneak peaking at this bad boy:
i hope i'm allowed to say the following without getting busted (sup choir directors!) but i thought it was pretty funny....especially if you're into FOBs and the like. and i think the choir sounds grade-A...hitting those harmonies that i so enjoy. and they hath filmed a promotional vijjeo:

so this weekend i'll be back in SF to watch this baby (and i have a cameo...holla to the directors for the hook ups). ticket prices are free.99 so if you want to come, tell me! unless i don't know you (that means you, cyber world) that case, stay out my face.